Only Then


There’s a reason why we ended

I just wish I knew what had caused it.
Why my heart still cries
Over something that never lasted.

You are on a different path now,
And you seem content and happy.
It’s what I should accept
Even if I’m still hurt and feel badly.

Time will come, and it will tell
What went wrong,
What happened —
How and where.
Maybe only then will I end my plea —
Finally accept your heart’s reality,
And then set you free.


Cruel Reality


Days trudge on difficult paths —

Under dark gloomy clouds,
About to show its wrath.

Less than enthusiastic skies —
You are greeted not by warm welcoming smiles
But instead, confused sad weary eyes.

Tight handshakes from rough wet palms,
Often ending abruptly and never with a friendly nudge.
Thus is the kind of place you will see
In a world filled with chaos and unease.
A world recklessly ruled by people who care
Not for each other, or one another
But just for their own welfare.

Blindfolded Cupid

Aim that arrow at me now

Hit me right on target

And make me bow

Cast your love spell

Break this shell

Make me fall in love

And help me get out of this dark miserable well.

Then aim that arrow at him now

Hit him right on target

And make him bow

Pave the way for us to see

That we were meant to be together

— him and me.


Take that initial baby step

You’ve got to begin somehow

So go ahead

Opportunity knocks at your doorstep

Despite the fears and hesitation

Make that leap with your eyes wide-open

And watch everything unfold and happen

Be present



Here’s your chance to make a difference

Dreams are finally becoming true

Worry not, go

Push through.


Heart beats faster,

A ready smile always on my face,

Adding an extra spring in my usual pace.

Amazing power one person has

In providing me the solace I need.

The spell you have on me,

The magic that you bring

I drown in the feeling —

Oh, love…

I love at your bidding.


I used my lunch break to walk around our building and get a breath of fresh air. And fresh air I got, at least for the first few minutes, right before I was chanced upon by one of the office’s legal officers. His concern was simple, but fairly old to me. He finds it “off” how their drafts are being edited, “over and over”. I felt that saying drafts are being edited “over and over” is an exaggeration, but I tried my best to explain and appease him. I, however, was not really given much chance to do that, so nothing was clarified or resolved in that encounter. Too bad.

Some people were not really very welcoming and happy with the idea that someone is tasked to edit or proofread their works. It does not help either that this someone has no Law background, whatsoever. I have found myself a subject of legal officers’ ire and complaints, and to a point, one of the people (reasons) they actually held rallies for. Thus has been the case since I started work here, and this is even after it was explained and agreed upon why someone like me had to be hired in the first place.

Their lack of acceptance makes my job a bit difficult, for whatever I do, no matter how great I am at what I do, there will always be some people who will despise me for it, and even curse the day they met me.

I understand the resentment though. To most after all, it is difficult to receive and take criticisms; to be corrected, particularly by someone, whom you may feel, is inferior to you. I understand that much, so I go through every day with much caution and an open mind, but I still do my job, and every day, make sure I do it well, regardless of the hate I’ve been getting.

But do we honestly have to take every single criticism, every bit of correction negatively? Shouldn’t we take these as opportunities for growth and learning instead? If there was acceptance, wouldn’t that be a much better place to live in — filled with butterflies, flowers, and unicorns? Dream on, girl.

I go through every day with a fervid hope that one of these days, these people will realize that what I do is merely my job; that nothing should be taken personally, and that at the end of the day, we are all in this as a team with a common goal which is to speed up the resolution of cases without compromising quality for our clientele, the farmers.

I hope for that much, not exactly a world filled with just the good stuff, but at least, respect and a bit of consideration — acceptance and being one.

Oh well. Next time, I’m going to think twice about walking around our building. Or at least, do my lunch break reflection and walk on some other area.

C’est la vie.

Sunday Breakfast

​I’m having this for breakfast today. Tropical Hut’s Classic Burger. It had gotten smaller over the years, but it truly is a classic. 

No matter how good some burgers are nowadays though, my and family and I keep coming back
 to this, not for the taste and satisfaction alone, but more so, for sentimental reasons.  

During Martial Law, my dad lost his job as one of Senator Ninoy Aquino’s staff, for obvious reasons, and it was because of the same reasons that made it difficult for him to find a new one. Mrs. Aquino helped dad, and the other members of the staff, to land odd jobs. 

Enter Tropical Hut, where dad became a janitor, sweeping the grounds of the supermarket/fastfood compound, day in and out, for some months. No job is too big; No task too small. His reward, apart from a lowly salary, were burger scraps, he would take home to his new bride, my mom, for dinner. 

I grew up, and continue to do so, with these stories. Family stories that have helped shape me and my brothers. The same stories that help us value the life we enjoy now. 

Classic. ❤