Social Power

One of the topics my former students and I often discuss via Facebook chat, apart from politics, government, sports, and the occasional school news, is social media responsibility.

Think before you click.” Sometimes, maybe out of haste, excitement, or plain poor judgment, we ‘trigger-click’ without really putting much thought into what we’re ‘liking’, what we’re commenting on whether to show our support or disgust over an issue, what we’re sharing or posting. How much thought do we actually put in what we read, what we ‘like’, and what we share particularly on Facebook (FB)?

Whatever a person does on his own Facebook page (or whatever social media he’s in) is his business, but that sort of freedom requires responsibility — a responsibility to at least know if what we’re sharing or posting is true and factual, and if from another source, if the information is accurate and reliable.

At this day and age, where it seems, we cannot control the flow of information we receive anymore, and that it seems natural already, the risk, I feel, lies in filtering all the information; Discern which are true from false, which are real from fake, and which are reliable or not. Post elections here in the Philippines, and I still see most people believing in even the most rubbish of news. I have seen many people fall prey (from the countless FB likes, comments, and shares) to that article in which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) supposedly declared our President as “the best President on the Solar System.” While I would want to see our President and our country making such a mark on the Solar System — no less, I can’t help but be amused at the hilarity of it, too.

From reposting quotable quotes, sharing funny personal anecdotes, and various kinds of videos that had gone viral for reasons that are either good or bad — that’s how we spread good vibes nowadays. I’ve seen countless “pasikatin natin ‘to” posts, and although at first, I understood the value in them, like many other things in the past, we have come to abuse this fad as well. Case in point, that viral photo of a man aboard the MRT, who according to the woman who took the photo and made the post, refused her his seat. After just days and numerous threats later, the man comes out explaining his side. Turns out, the man had just come from a graveyard shift and was feeling under the weather, and had absolutely no idea, he had offended anyone. Unfortunately, because of how quickly the photo and the accompanying narrative had spread, quite a damage had already been done — to the man.

I think, equally important to knowing the content of what we’re spreading on social media is our purpose — our intention for doing so, and to be sensitive and considerate enough to think ahead and know how people will feel about it, how people will react to it. Am I posting for awareness? To inform? To entertain? To spread good vibes? Is there a chance some people will be offended by my post?

Technology and social media have given us so much power. The unique and accessible power to teach and educate, to spread awareness and inform, to entertain and make others smile or laugh. On the other hand, it also gives us the power to destroy, ruin, and offend.  And it is because of the latter that we should take hold of our values, as old school and as cheesy as that sounds, and be more considerate, more sensitive, more compassionate, and more conscientious, no matter the advances in technology and the amount of power social media can give us.




I thought we were on our way to something wonderful —

Something grand,
Something beautiful.
All of a sudden, I wake up to a new day with you gone.
Just like that —
Like the days and weeks before were nothing but my imagination.
Text messages and call logs are all I have left of you
And short vivid memories of how happy I was just flew.
Now I’m left wondering —
How could a person,
So beautiful, so gentle
Have the heart to leave a poor soul hanging, hurting, doubtful
What am I supposed to do —
Be like you and forget
That this nonsense ever happened?
What if I can’t?
What if I refuse?
Did you ever think
That not everyone’s built like you?
Please, please enough of this
Momentary bliss.
Please, please stop what you do
The world is already filled with too many fools.


Only Then


There’s a reason why we ended

I just wish I knew what had caused it.
Why my heart still cries
Over something that never lasted.

You are on a different path now,
And you seem content and happy.
It’s what I should accept
Even if I’m still hurt and feel badly.

Time will come, and it will tell
What went wrong,
What happened —
How and where.
Maybe only then will I end my plea —
Finally accept your heart’s reality,
And then set you free.

Cruel Reality


Days trudge on difficult paths —

Under dark gloomy clouds,
About to show its wrath.

Less than enthusiastic skies —
You are greeted not by warm welcoming smiles
But instead, confused sad weary eyes.

Tight handshakes from rough wet palms,
Often ending abruptly and never with a friendly nudge.
Thus is the kind of place you will see
In a world filled with chaos and unease.
A world recklessly ruled by people who care
Not for each other, or one another
But just for their own welfare.

Blindfolded Cupid

Aim that arrow at me now

Hit me right on target

And make me bow

Cast your love spell

Break this shell

Make me fall in love

And help me get out of this dark miserable well.

Then aim that arrow at him now

Hit him right on target

And make him bow

Pave the way for us to see

That we were meant to be together

— him and me.


Take that initial baby step

You’ve got to begin somehow

So go ahead

Opportunity knocks at your doorstep

Despite the fears and hesitation

Make that leap with your eyes wide-open

And watch everything unfold and happen

Be present



Here’s your chance to make a difference

Dreams are finally becoming true

Worry not, go

Push through.


Heart beats faster,

A ready smile always on my face,

Adding an extra spring in my usual pace.

Amazing power one person has

In providing me the solace I need.

The spell you have on me,

The magic that you bring

I drown in the feeling —

Oh, love…

I love at your bidding.