Take that initial baby step

You’ve got to begin somehow

So go ahead

Opportunity knocks at your doorstep

Despite the fears and hesitation

Make that leap with your eyes wide-open

And watch everything unfold and happen

Be present



Here’s your chance to make a difference

Dreams are finally becoming true

Worry not, go

Push through.



The past few days have seen me bullied.
Left-out, taken for granted, mocked, and laughed at.
I feel bad about being treated unfairly,
But I feel more relieved to be rid of people
Who seem to wake up to mornings
With an innate urge to do wrong on other people.
I have reflected and thought about this
I have done no one wrong
But I’ve grown tired of conforming;
I’ve exhausted all means to please.
Enough with all this negativity
I don’t need any reason to frown.