Are there times when you get too overwhelmed with the wonderful things that are happening, 

You’d have to pinch yourself to check if you’re dreaming

Feel the pain from the pinch, but be glad to have felt it

Feel the relief that everything is real and true 

Then pray you’d stay wide-awake as everything unfolds ❤️


No More

I don’t think you have even the slightest idea

How much I hurt

How difficult it is to move on from the past

Because the pain, the pain you caused persists

No matter how many times I try and pick myself up

The countless times I tried to disguise tears with laughter

And the endless declarations never to think of you again, never to care

Are all for nothing because something always brings me back to you.

I hate so many things about you

Yet, I compare everyone, anyone to you

And no one, not a single one, comes close.

I’m angry at myself for doing that

I’m angry at myself for still having these feelings for you

After all that’s happened, after all you’ve done

I still miss you, love you

I will have to learn to forgive us

That time will come soon enough

Things may be uncertain right now

But this I am sure of – – –

It is because of the hate and love you’ve made me feel

That I don’t ever want you back.



He did the things he said he would not

Broken the same promises
Allowed her to feel the same hurt
Maybe even greater.
Questions are now haunting her deep slumber
Confusion that may not be answered anymore
She may never get the peace she deserves
All because he chose to break
And leave her heart shattered and torn.

Counting Blessings

I am thankful for the obstacles that have blocked the way towards my goals; obstacles that I sometimes had to hurdle with great difficulty and challenge.

I am thankful for tests that have challenged my beliefs, my principles, and my faith.

I am thankful for the disappointments, for seemingly fruitless endeavors, goals, and dreams, all coupled with stumbles and rejection.

I am thankful for the people who have left, for good or merely temporarily.

All these trials and negativity have helped shape me, not necessarily into someone perfect and indestructible, but rather, someone who strives and thrives to be stronger and better than she was before.

Family, old friends, new friends, a deeper faith, new beginnings, better health, peace of mind, more love, and prosperity —

I am thankful.