I stand in the middle of a field

Endless tall greens surround me

I feel the cool chill of the wind brush on my face

I close my eyes and hear the leaves whisper

I have no clue where to go, or what to do, and how to start

Do I walk, do I run

I just stand there, in the middle of nowhere, with all the chaos just passing me by

The sun rises, and then it sets

Beginning and endings — all happening right before my eyes

Within my reach, and mine for the taking

Yet I do nothing

Except stand there

And experience the world in still.



I often catch myself just staring out into nothing

Often wondering what could have been

What happened; what went wrong

Why did you turn your back on me

So easily and quite terribly – – – immediately

And how almost just as instantly

I chose not to fight for you anymore

The feeling of defeat I’ve completely drowned in

Foolishly believing that the pain will disappear

With every tear, in every sob

With every sharp pierce on my heart

Growing more painful each day

Every thought of you

Reminding me of how broken I am in this pain.