Switch Off

I was busy reviewing a case when I noticed that my reading area had gotten dim. I thought either my eyes were getting tired, or there was someone hovering my area and covering the light. As it turns out, the fluorescent lamp nearest to me had just officially died, and unfortunately for me, the Maintenance Office claims to have no stored bulbs in its supplies. Tough luck. The light from my computer screen is not enough. This is torture for someone with poor eyesight and migraine. 

On a lighter note, I just asked an officemate, who is a mother, to serve as an ‘ilaw ng tahanan’. Corny,  but it made both of us laugh anyway. 
Obstacles. Minor compared to what most are experiencing. 
Like in most obstacles, I had two options. One, to dwell on this negativity, rant my head off, and succumb to whatever miserable state I was in. Or two, be more optimistic and claim that as soon as tomorrow (with fingers crossed), my ‘problem’ will have its solution. 
There’s an obvious right choice. However, sometimes the obvious right choice is difficult and challenging to do, so I tend to do the other. I rant. I complain. I explode. Sometimes it solves the problem. Most often, it does not. 
And that’s why I chose to do the right, more sensible thing. I feel good about it. 
Fast forward to a few hours later. Here I am, in the dark again, stuck in the most terrible traffic, faced with yet another obstacle. I am tired. I am hungry. I have food, but I don’t want to eat here. I want to be home with family. 
My driver, who’s probably already in his 70’s, seems more tired and much hungrier. He seems more anxious, too. 
We talk. I offered him candies and some takeout food, which he happily accepted. He now has a smile on his face, and so do I. 
One hour and thirty minutes (and counting) for what was supposed to be just a 20-minute ride home. Unless this car had long mechanical legs or wings, then I can’t do anything (rant, complain, blame myself for choosing the wrong day to run an errand), but wait and be patient. 
Patience. My thoughts run back and forth to the fluorescent lamp (or the lack thereof) at the office and the decision to eat some of the takeout food that I have. Just a bit more, we’re moving. Slowly, but moving anyway. 
I blink, and it’s not as dark anymore. 
I’m home. ❤️


Are there times when you get too overwhelmed with the wonderful things that are happening, 

You’d have to pinch yourself to check if you’re dreaming

Feel the pain from the pinch, but be glad to have felt it

Feel the relief that everything is real and true 

Then pray you’d stay wide-awake as everything unfolds ❤️


I thought we were on our way to something wonderful —

Something grand,
Something beautiful.
All of a sudden, I wake up to a new day with you gone.
Just like that —
Like the days and weeks before were nothing but my imagination.
Text messages and call logs are all I have left of you
And short vivid memories of how happy I was just flew.
Now I’m left wondering —
How could a person,
So beautiful, so gentle
Have the heart to leave a poor soul hanging, hurting, doubtful
What am I supposed to do —
Be like you and forget
That this nonsense ever happened?
What if I can’t?
What if I refuse?
Did you ever think
That not everyone’s built like you?
Please, please enough of this
Momentary bliss.
Please, please stop what you do
The world is already filled with too many fools.



There’s a  lightness – – –

Like floating in the air,

Sitting on your own little fluffy cloud

Gazing upon everyone else.

Up, up in the sky you go!

Not a care in the world you leave by.

Not worrying if you’ll ever come back

To all that you left behind.

Up, up in the sky I go!

Will I come back?

I really do not know.