I can barely open my eyes

And the rectangular lamps that hang above me, promptly providing light are only making it worse

The loud bantering of people nearby are like a series of thunder in a sudden downpour

I want to just crawl, hide, cowl in the darkness

Take a deep sought-after breath, close my heavy eyes, lay in the peace that my pillows bring

Embrace the calm, everything is now quiet in its tranquil place. 



It grabs you out of nowhere – – –

Making it difficult to breathe.

You writhe in pain in the cold cold night,

It keeps you from having a good night’s sleep,

So you hang in tight.

You try to cry, but the hurt, you can’t really restrain.

What can others do to ease your invisible pain?

You let out a heavy sigh, as if in defeat – – –

All you can is hope as you close your eyes,

That tomorrow when you wake up, you will no longer agonize.


Funny how this rain can give me peace.

What many dread — heavy down pour and possibly flooded streets,

What many take cover from,

I anticipate — await.

I bask in the inviting sweet tapping sound it makes on my window.

How flowers and the leaves on trees glisten in its shower,

And how empathetically it embraces me in its comforting embrace,

Hiding the tears that run through my face,

Masking the sadness in my eyes with a brief sparkle.

Blissful even for just a while.