Two days ago, someone gave an offensive and unnecessary remark about the way I look. It left me hurt, sad, and very angry. I didn’t say anything at that instance, and opted to let my anger pass and calm myself, and confront that person the following day. I prayed on it, and finally resolved to just let the incident pass, choose my battles. 

The following day, I chanced upon an article on The Female Network. It was a feature about Jodilly Pendre’s (Asia’s Next Top Model runner-up)  own struggles (similar to mine), and how she lifted herself up from it. How very timely and apt to read about that. And right at that moment, I became even more convinced that I had made the right decision – – – to be the better person. I picked up an idea from Jodilly, to write to myself, as a way to release my anger and frustration, and eventually, let the hurt go. 

The anger is  gone, and I can laugh about it now. 

Earlier, with a bunch of guts and kapal ng mukha, not expecting that Jodilly would even pay any attention, I wrote her a short message on Instagram to thank her for the inspiration and encouragement. I believe, when someone gives you inspiration and encouragement, you let that person know. That’s one of the many ways you can spread love, show appreciation, lift each other up, and hopefully, inspire as well.

She replied. 🙂 

Smile. We’re all beautiful. ❤️



You clasp your hands and whisper

What your heart so desires
Trusting someone out there listens
To its wishes, fervently uttered and cried
You end and begin to anticipate
For an answer or another wait

Days and nights may pass
Before anything might translate
You keep those hands clasped
Keep and hold on to your faith
That one day soon, all your wishes will be heard.


My cubicle neighbor office mate plays a number of light (love) songs on her computer every day, on a loop. The same familiar songs you would listen to in cabs, small offices, some cafés, etc. You know, the kind that’s enough to keep you awake during ungodly hours, but not too loud that would keep you from being productive.

Anyway, there’s one song I’m particularly fond of: Believe It Or Not by Joey Scarbury (?). Every time that song plays, I can’t help but sing along — just enough for me to hear of course, and not for the entire office. The chorus serves as a good pick me up or motivation, too.

Believe it or not  // I’m walking on air // I never thought I could feel so free // Flyin’ away on a wing and a pray’r // Who could it be // Believe it or not, it’s just me.

Sing it with me. ❤