First of 2018: Believing in My Own Destiny 

Didn’t bother with round fruits for good luck. Wore black just because. Didn’t jump in the hopes of still getting taller – – as if. None of the usual superstitious stuff. 

Although I have nothing against such beliefs, its followers and believers, you have to admit, in the end, your destiny and fate do not depend on them. You make your own destiny. 



Are there times when you get too overwhelmed with the wonderful things that are happening, 

You’d have to pinch yourself to check if you’re dreaming

Feel the pain from the pinch, but be glad to have felt it

Feel the relief that everything is real and true 

Then pray you’d stay wide-awake as everything unfolds ❤️


How is it possible

How fate brings two people together

Find each other

As if they had been searching all their lives

Walk the same path

Breathe the same air

Go past the rest of the people

And find each other

Ah, the wonders this universe brings

You can question all you want

Ask your how’s and your why’s

Go and try to scour the earth for answers

When all that matters

Is standing right in front of you

Holding your hand

Hush now

Your world is as it should be

Hush now. 

Girl Meets Boy


There was once a time, not too long ago

When she went on her days, without a care in the world.

Hurt, scarred, and bruised
She vowed never again to let her heart be abused.

Then on one of those ordinary days
He came and led her out of her gloomy shade.

Now skies are adorned by the sun’s gorgeous rays
Sometimes sprinkled with the rain’s gleeful play.

Days are suddenly not as ordinary anymore
Now that she has met her knight in shining armor.

For Sunshine


It’s special when you have a smile on your face — every day.

And you cannot deny the feeling of elation, the excitement, the happiness, the joy in your heart.

Everything just seems, not really perfect, but how it should be. And although you are not certain yet; What it is that you both have, what it is that you both share —

You look into the future not in a rush, rather with so much anticipation, and a strong hope that whatever is in store will be worth the wait, worth nurturing, and keeping — for always, forever.