I saw this quote on my Instagram feed earlier, “A person’s day is pretty much formed by how he spends his first hour.”

This morning, instead of being startled by the incessant sound of my alarm, I woke up to a phone call from someone. He was on his way to the airport and will be away on a business trip for a few weeks. He was apologetic for waking me up too early, and said he just wanted to hear my voice before he left. I told him (in my best bagong gising voice) I didn’t mind at all, and was in fact, glad that he had called. I was smiling. 
The call was sweet albeit brief. He had to board, and I had to sleep, some more.  
People say a person’s day is pretty much formed by how she spends her first hour.
I was smiling during the first hour of my day, and I haven’t stopped since. I started my day with kilig, I’ll end it with kilig.

You begin with a frown and bad vibes, you attract the same thing the entire day. You start your day with a smile and good vibes, you share the same with others, and you end it on the same note.

C’est la vie. ❤️



Are there times when you get too overwhelmed with the wonderful things that are happening, 

You’d have to pinch yourself to check if you’re dreaming

Feel the pain from the pinch, but be glad to have felt it

Feel the relief that everything is real and true 

Then pray you’d stay wide-awake as everything unfolds ❤️