Have you ever done something you never really wanted

Been with someone you never really cared for

Been anywhere you didn’t want to be in

Stuck at a situation

But still go through with it?

Simply because you have no choice

So you do it

You stick around

You stay

You try every single day to make the best of things

Deep inside your heart though

Deep inside your soul

You ache

You cry

You yearn

Until you lose all strength

Then you wake up

Do it again

Stick around some more

You stay.



You think you are so high and mighty, don’t you?

And why not, when you claim you have brought your city to its ‘greatness’

‘The best’ this country will ever have — I personally doubt

You took advantage of the hopeless clamor for change

You saw power; you saw strength

While people saw a savior, not a saint, but a miracle worker

A superhero, if you must, who will single-handedly stop evil

No one, except for a few souls, questioned how you will do this

“Take it or leave it,” you say, “This is how I am, and this is what you want — stop complaining and just wait!”

Unknowingly to the hopeless, you have sealed their mouths to speak;

You have tied their hands without choice;

You have blindfolded them to the truth;

You have clouded their minds for clear judgment;

You laugh at the hopeless;

You manipulate them.

You. Have. Taken. Advantage. Of. The. Hopeless.

You may have your reign now

Go ahead, bask in it.

But one day, ONE. DAY.

The clouds will part.

The sun will shine.

Mouths will again speak.

Hands will again fight.

Minds will again think.

And people like you who feast on the hopeless will forever be shun and exiled in a world as dark as your soul.


Today kinda sucked.

I felt like screaming earlier. I was angry, frustrated, and anxious. I wanted to release all emotions on something or someone, whichever I saw first. But you made me turn to my window and see this — a lush tree with pink flowers. You know how much I adore pink flowers and how much I love a pink & green combination, don’t you? Just when I was about to explode, you grabbed my hand and made me look. I gazed at this for a good ten minutes, You know? I imagined myself just sitting in that cozy little nook under the tree, writing or reading a book, or just thinking about nothing — just enjoying the moment. Those thoughts calmed me. It gave me peace. The anger, frustrations, and anxiety slowly disappeared little by little.

Thank You for letting me see that my world does not and will not just revolve around work. Thank You for making me realize that despite all the anger, frustration, and anxiety I may need to endure, I have my family and You to come home to, and be my refuge. 

Thank YOU. ☝


To the man I will love

You have found me.
You have chosen to stay with me.

I know it wasn’t an easy choice.
Being with me is never easy – romantically or not.

I am moody — shifting moods left and right.
I am sometimes unreasonable, and force arguments even when there’s none.
There are times when I demand for time-alone; no talk, no contact, not even a hello.
And yet, like you are part of me, you know exactly when I need it.
You give me the space I need, and all the time I want.
And you wait with open loving arms when I’m done and ready for your love.

You are patient.
You are kind.
You have the most caring heart, and you give it all to be mine.
I sometimes don’t see this, but you stay with me nonetheless.

You found me.
You chose to stay with me.
And I will love you until my last breath.


Four cornered walls suffocate
Feels like everything’s falling apart
I want to run
Break free
I try to shout
But I hear no sound
No one hears my cries for help
I am all alone
Getting weak
I open my eyes
I feel the heat of the sun on my face
I dread the night
When I see nothing
And breathe no air again.