Cab Talks

February 15

I had quite the interesting cab ride this morning. While stuck at a VERY early Monday traffic along Elliptical Road, manong cab driver and I conversed about the weekend traffic on Edsa, the country’s state, traffic aides and their superhero-like stance on the streets (think Superman’s fists on his hips pose), a nearby road mishap, Makati, Quezon City, me asking Boy Abunda questions (this made me smile because he claimed it amused him), and the presidential candidates. Yes, we hopped from one topic to another like pink bunnies in a meadow, and yes, traffic was that terrible.

On presidential candidates, manong cab driver gave what would probably be my quotable quote of the week. He said, “Choosing an un-corrupt politician is like choosing a virgin among prostitutes.”

Arguably not the best words or comparison to use, and I don’t necessarily agree with you, but nonetheless, point taken, manong cab driver. Point taken.

#Halalan2016 #PresidentialElections2016 #PiliPinas2016

Everyday Valentine’s Day

February 14

“Once you lick the icing off a cupcake, it becomes a muffin.”

For me, love is something like the cupcake/muffin; with or without the ‘icing’, it’s there. No need for special trimmings and extravagant presentations. It is, by itself, constant and more than enough.

So, with or without that extra dollop of icing, whether or not it makes sense, be the cupcake or the muffin (whichever you prefer). Love yourself, be more accepting, more patient, and more understanding.

Then spread the love that’s within you. ❤❤

Hide and Go-Seek

February 10

My dad and I have this thing about who gets to come home from work first. Today, I was ahead by 30 minutes, so naturally, my mom and I decided to pull a gradeschool prank on him and make him believe he was ahead of me.

I had to hide, of course. Instead of going upstairs to my room, or at the dirty kitchen, or even the bathroom, however, my mom and I thought it best for me to hide under the dining table. Under the dining table. In my dress and mules. Under the dining table. Because you know sometimes, two heads are not better than one.

But there I was, on the floor, in my dress and mules, under the dining table (that’s a lot of prepositions), and my mom, in her house dress, one leg up on a chair, pulling off a prank on my dad.

Simple ‘kababawans‘, but ’twas fun though.

Sometimes, all it takes is that one day or time during which you can just laugh like a kid and make a fool of yourself; gives you the stress relief that you need, and makes you appreciate life more.