How did you do it?
 You have made it all seem so easy
 How you wooed me
 Slowly, surely
 And how it worked
 I fell.
 But you left me
 Alone, without even a word
 Like a bubble that suddenly burst
 Not even a good bye
 Wondering. Crying myself to sleep
 Every. Single. Night.
 How is it even possible?
 To fall for my own imagination.

Monday Brunch

Empty screen

Random thoughts in my head

And I’m thinking

This is how Mondays should be Quiet.


Almost eerie.

A slight wrinkle of a smile appears on my face Mondays.

I’m starting to love Mondays.


I’ve kept myself in the darkness of my room again
I’m back in that old familiar chaotic sadness that is my mind
No plans, no expectations, no one, nothing
Alone in my nothing-ness
Thinking blank thoughts
No images, no color, no lines
Just the four cornered walls of my loneliness
Enveloping myself in the company of nothing.

Whut? Huh?

Someone I know got visibly annoyed when after she had shown me her pictures in the society page of a Sunday newspaper, I reacted less enthusiastic or impressed as she had expected.
This confuses me a bit. Isn’t “Wow! Cool.” coupled with a sincere smile a socially acceptable response? I was not being sarcastic, nor did I come off as such, but my reaction annoyed her anyway.
Had it been a work published or the paper featuring her for something remarkable she did, then I might have reacted differently, or maybe even envious. But we’re talking about her pictures at a party she attended. I understand it’s something to be excited about, and I would have felt just as excited if I saw my picture in a newspaper or magazine, too. But expect people, even those you are not close to, to react in a particular manner and feel disappointed or annoyed when they don’t, is a bit off, don’t you think?