Petty Rant

​I was looking forward to my Saturday, not my usual Saturday. I was looking forward to an extra hour of sleep, as I haven’t been getting any for the past few nights; downtime with family; and maybe a trip to the bookshop. 

This morning, however, instead of waking up to the usual chirping of birds, and Marshie happily and excitedly barking, waiting for me to come out of my room, I was greeted by our neighbor, belting out on a videoke Timmy Cruz’s I Love You, Boy, on full blast. 

I was annoyed, and at eleven o’clock in the morning, heard myself ranting and complaining, completely contradicting the Saturday I had originally envisioned. 

I took my usual cold shower and got to thinking (yes, I do a lot of thinking in the shower – – – cold, always.), what am I ranting about? The noise? The inconsiderate loud music (noise) playing? Petty things that I’ve allowed to ruin my day before it even started. Petty things. So, I finished my shower and resolved to not making a big deal out of the ‘noise that’s ruining my calm’. 

Fast-forward. It’s 7:30pm, and the videoke thumping of my neighbor has not seen its end, not even close. In fact, it’s much rowdier and noisier than this morning. 

If anything, and only because I choose to see the good in this situation, it’s teaching me to be hopeful (that like most things, this too shall end), understanding (that people have different means of letting off steam – – – this is my neighbor’s unfortunate way), and patient (of things I cannot control – – – actually, I can especially if it won’t let up). 

Take a brief rewind to this morning of what I resolved not to do – – – rant, and here I am, a few hours after, doing that. 

This isn’t the Saturday I had hoped and planned for. I would just have to look forward to Sunday then.


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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