What’s Beneath You

While Lady was having coffee at her desk during lunch break: 

Boss1: Lady, marunong ka mag-photocopy? Hindi kasi ako marunong.
Lady: Ay, opo. Akin na po, tulungan ko kayo. Ilang copies po ba?
Boss1: Fifteen eh.
Lady checked the original copy and realized, it had seven pages. “Fifteen copies of seven pages,” she thought to herself. Huwaw. Keribels. Go.

As Lady was busy making photocopies, Boss2 approached her:
Boss2: Lady, may email ako sa iyo mamaya ah? Paki-final check mo na lang. Ano ginagawa mo dyan?
Lady: Nagfo-photocopy po. Helping Boss1.
Boss2: Eh bakit ikaw? Asan si Clerk1 o si Clerk2?
Lady: Hindi ko po alam eh. Okay lang naman po. Nagpatulong pati si Boss1.

Lady’s story reminds me of the quote, “No job is too big; No task is too small.”

How many times have we refused to do work or a task because ‘it was beneath us’? From answering phones, picking up very visible trash, preparing coffee for a superior, holding a door for someone else, photocopying documents for other people, or other ‘menial’ tasks. How many times have we said, “Hindi ko naman trabaho yan.” (That’s not my responsibility.)

While it is true that our jobs dictate specific tasks and responsibilities, taking on “special tasks”, such as photcopying documents, as in the case of Lady, do not and will never make us any less of a person, in fact, it does the opposite. There is nothing lowly about it, and it is definitely NOT beneath us to help. Be there and do more than what’s expected.


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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