Sunday Breakfast

​I’m having this for breakfast today. Tropical Hut’s Classic Burger. It had gotten smaller over the years, but it truly is a classic. 

No matter how good some burgers are nowadays though, my and family and I keep coming back
 to this, not for the taste and satisfaction alone, but more so, for sentimental reasons.  

During Martial Law, my dad lost his job as one of Senator Ninoy Aquino’s staff, for obvious reasons, and it was because of the same reasons that made it difficult for him to find a new one. Mrs. Aquino helped dad, and the other members of the staff, to land odd jobs. 

Enter Tropical Hut, where dad became a janitor, sweeping the grounds of the supermarket/fastfood compound, day in and out, for some months. No job is too big; No task too small. His reward, apart from a lowly salary, were burger scraps, he would take home to his new bride, my mom, for dinner. 

I grew up, and continue to do so, with these stories. Family stories that have helped shape me and my brothers. The same stories that help us value the life we enjoy now. 

Classic. ❤


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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