​I don’t think it’s hypocrisy if and when you choose to take sides, in this case, whether you’re in favor of everything that that the Duterte adminstration declares, or you’re against it. You’re simply making a stand according to your beliefs, your opinion, and hopefully, the facts that support such, provided you indeed have the facts.

You’re a hypocrite, if for example, you claim to be a man or woman of God, and abide by all of the Lord’s teachings. One of which is to respect the life of another and not claim it. While at the same time, openly support the killings of alleged drug addicts and pushers. As far as I know, the Lord does not discriminate. I’m not the most religious person, so correct me if I’m wrong, but the Lord never said “thou shall not kill, except when the other is a drug addict, drug pusher, or a criminal.” You can argue all you want about who the real victims are, the fact still remains though, each one of us has rights which should be acknowledged and respected by all, no matter how high and mighty you are. ✌

On the other hand, you’re also a hypocrite, if for example, you openly make a stand online, but can’t back it up, or you do the opposite outside the realms of technology. Or when you openly declare your support for the all-out war against drugs, but actually do drugs, or accept drug money. ✌

It is when you do things or behave in such a manner that contradict your beliefs and your stand that qualifies you as a hypocrite. 

Then again, there’s also such a thing as blind obedience. But that’s for another post. #PinoysAndPolitics 🙊🙊🙊


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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