Where We Stand

It’s overwhelming how so many people are so politically-inclined and angry nowadays. Well, politically-inclined and angry on social media, at least.  That seems to be the new normal now any way.

One of my Facebook contacts raised a very crucial and timely question just recently. He asked, “What would the candidate you voted for as President accomplished had he won?” Good question. It’s a question I’ve been asking myself as well.

To be the honest, I don’t have the wittiest of answers to that. I really do not know. Maybe there won’t be any of these senseless killings a lot of people, like me, have been fighting against. Maybe our country’s ‘drug problem’ would still very much thrive under everyone’s noses. Maybe the police force’s morale and esteem would still be down in the dump because of their performance. Maybe.

Allow me to clarify something before I go on though. Just because there are people like me who are against the killings or deaths of ‘alleged’_ALLEGED drug addicts and drug peddlers does not mean, in any way, these people, myself included, condone the illegal use and peddling of drugs, nor do we condone the people engaged in them. Just because we condemn the ‘senseless killings’ does not mean we march with criminals.

I understand the anger, but try and go back to the news reports given by the now considered ‘biased’ media, most of those who were killed are ‘alleged drug addicts’ and ‘alleged drug pushers’. Alleged. We do not know if they were actually drug addicts and pushers. And even if they were, I remain firm on this, no one has the right, more so power, to decide on taking their lives. You can argue all you want about the lives these ‘alleged drug addicts and pushers’ have allegedly claimed, still, criminals or not, everyone has rights, and as citizens, we should all, at the very least, acknowledge that.

Finally, because I’ve often wondered about this, are drugs really the main problem of the country? Because I have always believed and thought it was poverty. Assuming it is drugs, and all these criminals are either put to death or in jail, then what? What does that do for the country? What’s the common denominator here — why do these people resort to illegal activities? Poverty.

It is so easy for us to side with the victims. See and imagine how it would be like for those victimized by these criminals. But what if it was our loved ones who had committed a crime? What would we do? What if our loved ones were wrongfully accused of a crime?  Or worse, what if our loved ones were wrongfully accused of a crime AND were never given a chance to defend themselves or have any proper defense? Would we still have the same stand? 

I stand with you, in this so-called war against drugs. It’s a war against drugs, not the users, not the pushers. We stop them, in all legal means. I stand with you on this. But stop the killings.


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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