I had to run errands after work earlier, and wait thirty or so minutes in line just to get a cab home after. I was already tired, hungry, and eager to get home.

“My cab” stopped right in front of me.  As I was about to make a step towards the passenger door with the mall security guard assisting me, two men, Man #1 whom I thought at first was a senior citizen and the other Man #2, maybe about my age or even younger than me, suddenly swooped in and cut through the long line. They boarded “my cab” and went on their way, leaving me, the mall security guard, and everyone else, in a bit of shock. The mall security guard was a bit annoyed, too, saying, “Hindi man lang nagsabi. Bigla na lang nang-agaw.” I just smiled and told him, “Hayaan mo na, Kuya. May senior naman kasi.” He later told me that Man #1 was not a senior citizen, but a PWD, and Man #2 was assisting him. Alright, understood. I wouldn’t have had any problem at all giving up my ride for them. I would have appreciated a simple smile or nod though, but maybe, they were in a hurry too, like me. Let it go, Doreen.

Thinking about it now though – – – policies, privileges, and entitlement aside, courtesy and kindness should be observed by all of us.  It can be small talk with the person, as tired as you are, standing in line with you; it can be giving a bit of food to the child offering sampaguita to everyone in line; or a simple “thank you” to the person who gave up her cab for you. We have an opportunity to be courteous or to be kind to another human being, let’s do it. Grab that chance, and infect other people with positivity. It doesn’t take much. Being kind to one another and respecting each other is love. One act of kindness will go a long way.


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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