I’ve spent the last three weeks tolerating an unusually intolerable migraine and abnormally painful abdominal cramps.

For my migraine, I have four culprits: 1) I’ve been bitching about politics way too much — so, stress; 2) the extreme heat and lack of  proper ventilation at our office; 3) my eyes, considering it’s been a while since I’ve had them checked; and 4) my lovelife.

Okay, maybe just two culprits.

So yesterday, after weeks of pushing from my mom, I finally gave in and took a day off to visit first, our opthalmologist.

To make a long story short, I need new glasses, and I need to ‘clean’ my eyes with drops twice a day (and as needed) because my eyes, according to my doc, are too vein-y and get strained easily. I was told to read a little less, or at least, have breaks (A LOT) when reading. (Sidenote: I read and write for a living, so you can just imagine how ugly this would turn out.) Also, I have to observe my condition because if it doesn’t get better, then I would have to see a neurologist. ‘Need’ — that’s a lot of needs.

I’m kind of bummed about this since we’re already coping with something else — my parents’ conditions (heart/eye ailments and cancer), so I have to psyche myself and bravely declare, “I can’t be bothered of my own condition now.” 

To help cope with my (yet again) migraine, this afternoon I had my new glasses measured and made, bought the drops I need to clean my eyes, and got myself a mini-electric fan. I would like to believe that my recurring migraine is just caused by poor eyesight, the unbearable heat, and the lack of proper ventilation at our office. So far, so good — I have migraine, but at least, unlike in the previous weeks, I’m a bit more comfortable.

And that’s how we are, right? We cope; We fight — no matter the circumstance, we keep at it — and we keep smiling. We cope, fight, and smile until it hurts, and we fall.

Then we keep at it again.


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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