You think you are so high and mighty, don’t you?

And why not, when you claim you have brought your city to its ‘greatness’

‘The best’ this country will ever have — I personally doubt

You took advantage of the hopeless clamor for change

You saw power; you saw strength

While people saw a savior, not a saint, but a miracle worker

A superhero, if you must, who will single-handedly stop evil

No one, except for a few souls, questioned how you will do this

“Take it or leave it,” you say, “This is how I am, and this is what you want — stop complaining and just wait!”

Unknowingly to the hopeless, you have sealed their mouths to speak;

You have tied their hands without choice;

You have blindfolded them to the truth;

You have clouded their minds for clear judgment;

You laugh at the hopeless;

You manipulate them.

You. Have. Taken. Advantage. Of. The. Hopeless.

You may have your reign now

Go ahead, bask in it.

But one day, ONE. DAY.

The clouds will part.

The sun will shine.

Mouths will again speak.

Hands will again fight.

Minds will again think.

And people like you who feast on the hopeless will forever be shun and exiled in a world as dark as your soul.


Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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