Today kinda sucked.

I felt like screaming earlier. I was angry, frustrated, and anxious. I wanted to release all emotions on something or someone, whichever I saw first. But you made me turn to my window and see this — a lush tree with pink flowers. You know how much I adore pink flowers and how much I love a pink & green combination, don’t you? Just when I was about to explode, you grabbed my hand and made me look. I gazed at this for a good ten minutes, You know? I imagined myself just sitting in that cozy little nook under the tree, writing or reading a book, or just thinking about nothing — just enjoying the moment. Those thoughts calmed me. It gave me peace. The anger, frustrations, and anxiety slowly disappeared little by little.

Thank You for letting me see that my world does not and will not just revolve around work. Thank You for making me realize that despite all the anger, frustration, and anxiety I may need to endure, I have my family and You to come home to, and be my refuge. 

Thank YOU. ☝



Author: doreenmariaclara

I 'write' in the shower, like any normal person.

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